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DUORA 7 and NANORAY 800 receive redesigns, to be released this summer!

08 June 2018

The DUORA 7, an all-around racket made for big clears and quick returns, and the high-speed, high-repulsion rally racquet, NANORAY 800 will be receiving updated designs this summer. DUORA 7 will release in a stylish new “Dark Gun” color in June 2018, while NANORAY 800 adopts a “Poinsettia Red” in July.

The DUORA 7 features the Dual Optimum System, which combines a box frame on one face of the racquet for high, fast clears, with an aero frame on the opposite face, for high-control returns that help prevent giving your opponent a chance to attack. The new design sports an eye-catching “Dark Gun” color with contrasting highlight colors of white and fluorescent red, inherited from the first generation of Duora.

Adopted by an awesome number of players since its launch in 2012, the NANORAY 800 features the thinnest of any Yonex frame at the top of the racquet for maximum head speed with a thicker bottom for maximum repulsion. Also containing “X-Fullerene” graphite material for higher repulsion and stability, the NANORAY frame is designed for lightning fast shot-making, even with compact swings, during high-speed rallies. The new design features a glossy, “Poinsettia Red” with sporty, thick highlighting lines of yellow and fluorescent red, to make a bold statement on court.

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