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Give yourself the confidence that comes with Yonex's highest stability badminton shoe ever!

02 January 2019

Yonex Co. Ltd. is proud to announce its highest stability badminton shoe ever,

Introducing the most stable shoe we've ever produced, the ECLIPSION Z.

The game of badminton is evolving, getting faster and more dynamic. Players need a shoe that gives them the stability they can rely on while remaining light and flexible enough to play the sport at high speed.

To maximize the stability of the ECLIPSION Z, Yonex has combined our Power Graphite Sheet, and TPU support technologies to create a lightweight, well-fitting but stable shoe.

The Power Graphite Sheet, a graphite plate inserted in the midsole increases stability and reduces weight, while resin TPU support structures stabilise the outer sole and reduce outward twisting.

As well as being the most stable shoe we've ever produced, the ECLIPSION Z is also an extremely comfortable badminton shoe.

Equipped with the stiff but flexible outer Durable Skin, an inner bootie for the perfect fit, and Power Cushion+ to provide unparalleled shock absorption and energy rebound.

The ECLIPSION Z contains Yonex’s proprietary Power Cushion+ cushioning which absorbs the energy of impact when jumping, running and lunging, and returns it in rebound.

Our Durable Skin technology combines the stiffness of plastic with the flexibility of rubber, adapting to the flexibility demands of your foot to provide a comfortable, secure fit.

Finally, the inner bootie eliminates the issues of a traditional tongue and wraps your foot in comfort and a perfect fit.



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