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Custom Fitting

Want to get fully fitted by a Yonex Custom Fit Specialist?

Then visit the Yonex Custom Fit Centre based at Silvermere Golf & Leisure, Surrey

What do we offer?

The Custom Fit service from Yonex offers the full range of technologically advanced Yonex golf equipment tailored to meet your unique needs as a golfer.

Our complete range of products can be custom built in the UK to provide the optimum model and specification for you (shaft flex & length, head loft & lie angle, and grip thickness) based on the recommendations of our custom fit team.

Utilising the hi-tech Flightscope ball tracking system in the bespoke fitting centres, the optimum club specification can be ascertained before moving outside onto the range to experience the actual ball flight.

Why get Custom Fitted?

Yonex standard clubs are manufactured to fit the vast majority of golfers with great results on the course.  However, some golfers could benefit from improvements and adjustments that can be achieved through Custom Fitting.

What do we measure to ensure the perfect fit?

Our experienced club fitter will utilise the Flightscope tracking system and his vast personal experience to give an accurate assessment of your swing and ultimately the specifications that will improve your game.

Ball flight and trajectory: The Flightscope tracking system will indicate the ideal launch angle and spin rate for maximum distance.

Launch Parameters: The Flightscope tracking system will indicate both your swing speed and ball speed.

Lie angle: Ascertaining the correct lie angle will ensure more consistent and accurate shot making.

Spin rates: Any adverse side spin can result in pushed or pulled shots. The fitting process will indicate the specification that will limit this fault.

See what effect custom fitting can have on your game, book a session now.

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